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December 29, 2015

In February, our former prime minister, Ehud Olmert, will join our former president, Moshe Katzav, in prison. Sure, they’re people just like you and me, but when Katzav laid hands on a secretary and when Olmert encouraged people to bribe him, each of them deliberately and knowingly betrayed me, my country, my people.

I guess you could say that the guy with the Landrover, who caused gridlock this evening at a downtown junction, pushing into the intersection as his light turned red, effectively blocking all traffic….you could say that he also contributed to the growing nastiness of Israel. But he and his Landrover are not running the country.

I am angry at Olmert because he came closest, after Rabin, to closing a deal with the Palestinian leadership. He met with Abu Mazen 36 (double chai!) times. They were dealing with the nitty-gritty, doing the work. Olmert was good at it, and had the advantage, in mainstream Israeli eyes, of coming from the right. Abu Mazen understood this. And in the midst of making history, Olmert’s greed trumped service, doing good.

I am angry at Olmert for strengthening the cynicism that is spreading like pollution into the air we breathe. People who are sure that looking out for yourself is our only task in life are now more certain. Poisonous arrogance, scorn for values, using people, when getting away with it is the only thing that matters.

Olmert speaks with pathos tonight about the suffering of his children and grandchildren, as a result of the long proceedings. Was he thinking of them when he was accepting cash in envelopes? His older brother, Prof. Amram Olmert, gets on tv tonight and says he is glad his parents are not alive to see this.

Who has not been mentioned all day? This day of national shame? Who’s keeping a low profile? The Netanyahu family. Bibi the cunning, hoping no one is connecting the dots that also lead to his devious way, Bibi knows when to keep quiet. But wait until day after tomorrow. Sara will then be questioned about her finagling in the running of their affairs. Why Sara? Isn’t he in charge here?  A former used-car salesman runs the country now, and in that profession, when the old Buick’s carburetor is nearly shot, you keep quiet about it until the car is off the lot. If you get caught, you sweet-talk your way into another paycheck and bonus.

The clips of Olmert leaving the courthouse, glancing repeatedly over his shoulder. Thieves and hustlers, making us suspect everyone, teaching through personal example how to screw others while making sure no one screws us. The rot is pervasive. We put ourselves in the shoes of the young secretaries who fought off President Katzav, afraid of losing their jobs while he throbbed with the rapist’s excitement.

Meanwhile, here in Israel…..40 kids in a classroom, holocaust survivors in their eighties without proper health care, 78% of the people in East Jerusalem live in poverty, thousands of soldiers serve the occupation of Palestine, now in its 48th year. So much to be done, while our leaders serve only their own primitive lust. Disgusting.


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One Comment
  1. You express it well! The Sinicism is appropriate and unfortunately you speak the truth.
    I suggest that you make a video series with this and similar of your messages. See you Friday …..

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