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May 31, 2016

The woman who owned our house before us liked to sleep on the roof with her kids in the summer. A street-lamp shone onto the roof from 5 yards away. It was, after all, the roof. The light bothered her and the kids in their sleeping bags up there, so she called the city and asked them to handle it. The city sent out a truck with a lift, and a guy went up there and painted half the street-lamp black…the half that shone onto the roof. What service! My Jerusalem….

This is the world as we will know it…. A city, a country, devoted to making life work for its citizens. And of course, our country will only work if our neighbors’ country works as well. Providing what people need to make their lives what we want them to be. And not providing what we don’t need. For example, we don’t need violence.

What do children need? To leave their homes in the morning with a song in their hearts, off to explore what the world has to offer, another day. What adventure awaits them? To learn something new, to make something, to draw a picture they’ve never drawn before. Maybe, at the break, she will approach the guy who snapped at her and ask him why he’s angry. Maybe that boy will go over to the class bully and ask him how he’s feeling.

We will bend to the children’s will, bringing them tomorrow what they don’t have today. We are in charge, here. Will we spread our wings over our little ones, to make sure the street-lamp is not keeping them awake?

Our new defense minister paid 17,500 NIS to the family of the 12 year old boy he beat, 17 years ago. Documented. He is a former bouncer from Moldovia. He hunted the boy, the son of fellow settlers accused of hitting Lieberman’s son, and whacked him in the face. He also suggested that the president of Egypt “go to hell.” This guy now runs our army. Oh boy.

How much do we love our children? Is this not a crucial question today? When I encounter right-wingers, I always ask them, “What is the future you see for your kids?” Our prime minister promises that we will forever live by the sword. Is it not true that we are lacking leadership right now?

If we look in the mirror, is it not all up to us?



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  1. Well written, Yoav – this reminds me of a song by sting ‘I hope the Russians love their children too’…

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